Laterna Magika

Laterna Magika

Price from £ 30

Laterna Magika in Prague is a must see, so if you have NOT seen Laterna Magika before, do yourself a favor and get your tickets now!

Laterna Magika is a true Prague specialty, and many visitors in Prague see the show.

The success of Laterna Magika is because everybody can understand it, as no one speaks Czech – Laterna Magika is 100% nonverbal! Instead Laterna Magika uses singing, dancing, mime, dolls, music, shadows, black light theatre/fluorescent light, stage performance and other expressions!

Laterna Magika performs the following shows at the moment: Wonderful Circus, Graffiti, Rendez-vous, Cocktail, Casanova, Human Locomotion, As Far As I See, Anticodes and Legends of Magic!

Important Information :
-Performances are on at 08.00 and on Saturdays both 05.00PM & 08.00PM.
-Laterna Magika do not perform every day!
-Duration: 1½ to 2 Hours.
-Child age: We do not child prices – all ages pay the same.
-You can see which show is on, when you have chosen date and number of tickets and clicked on “SEARCH”.
-All bookings are “On Request”, meaning we need to get your booking confirmed from Laterna Magika before we can send your e-ticket/voucher, which normally takes no more than 24 hours!
-After your booking is confirmed an e-ticket/voucher will be send to your e-mail address. This e-ticket/voucher you need to print, and exchange to your original tickets at Laterna Magika!

On Request Tickets On Request Tickets
Our local agent needs to confirm availability for this performance. This should not take more than 24 hours


Laterna Magika
Laterna Magika
Národní 4
Prague 1

Laterna Magika
Opening hours
Sun. To Fri. at 08:00PM & Sat. at 05:00PM & 08:00PM


Nearest metro is Národní Trida

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